Probation - Victim Stories booklet

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One of the top priorities of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland is to stop people becoming victims of crime. We do this by challenging offending behaviour, and by confronting the impact of crime on victims.

Victims have told us that they need regular communication which contains relevant, timely, and accurate information about their case.

Probation's Victim Information Unit manages three Victim Information Schemes to help with this communication. We provide information about the Criminal Justice System and key stages of the sentence of the person who has offended, in a manner which is accessible, understandable, and supportive.
The three Victim Information Schemes available are:

  • Probation's Victim Information Scheme – for cases where the person who has offended has been given a Probation Supervised sentence
  • Prisoner Release Victim Information Scheme (PRVIS) – for cases where the person who has offended has been sentenced to time in prison
  • Mentally Disordered Offenders Victim Information Scheme – for cases where the person who has offended has been given a Hospital Restriction Order or a Supervision and Treatment Order.

In all three cases, it is the responsibility of the victim to register for the appropriate scheme. Details on how to register for the schemes can be found on page 10 of this document. There is certain information that victims are entitled to through the three schemes and this includes:

  • Information about the sentence served and supervision of order / licence;
  • The month and year in which a prisoner is expected to be released from custody and the conditions of release;
  • Any breaches of those conditions which might result in the prisoner’s return to custody;
  • As a registered victim you will be informed by the Department of Justice if your case is to be referred to the Parole Commissioners or a Mental Health Review Tribunal. You will be offered the opportunity to submit a victim report or your own written representations for consideration by the parole panel or, in line with Tribunal rules, to the Tribunal. You can also receive a summary of the reasons underpinning the final determination of the Parole Commissioners on conclusion of the Parole Review; and
  • As a registered victim you also have an opportunity to be involved in direct or indirect restorative contact with the person who has offended if this would help address issues resulting from the offence.

You can find out what further information you are entitled to under Victim Information Scheme