Requests for your personal information
PBNI does not charge for requests for your personal information under the Data Protection Act.

Requests for information other than personal
All information available under our publication scheme (as listed in our ‘Guide to Information’) is provided free of charge on line and in hard copy unless otherwise stated

If you cannot find what you are looking for on the web and you need to make a written request or if you require the information in a different format or language, there may be a charge for this. We will let you know in advance if there is a charge.

A fee may be applicable if the cost of:

•  determining whether Probation holds the information requested;
•  locating the information or document containing the information;
•  retrieving the information or a document which may contain the information; and
•  extracting the information from a document containing it exceeds £450. (This equates to a charge of £25 per hour for 18 hours work). Probation does not have to comply with your request if the cost exceeds this limit, however, if possible, we will suggest you modify your request to enable you to be within the fee limit.

More information: Charging a fee where the cost exceeds the appropriate limit

Where a request does not exceed £450 a charge will be applicable for the reproduction of information where the cost of reproducing the information exceeds £5.00. (This fee is not chargeable where the information requested exceeds £450).  The reproduction of information either by printing, photocopying or producing into a format to fax will be charged at .10p per page. (Where information is provided in an electronic format a fee is not applicable).

More information: Charging a fee where the cost does not exceed the appropriate limit