Guiding Principles and Values


Graphic of PBNI Our Values

Our organisational values are key to our way of working and outline how members of the public, service users and staff can expect to be treated when engaging with PBNI. Our values are supported by guiding principles. Our values act as the foundation for our principles. Board members and staff also adhere to the ‘Nolan principles of public life’ which are the basis of the ethical standards Board members and those employed in probation are expected to adhere to. Social work staff also adhere to social work standards.



We will treat everyone with respect and dignity at all times and value diversity and differing viewpoints.


We will act in a way that engenders trust with all. We will be honest in what we say and do.


We will encourage people to speak up and make suggestions about practice and we will be open about our decision making.


We will be accountable for our decisions and actions. 



Recognising and encouraging people’s capacity to change

We believe all people, given the right circumstances and support have the ability to change their lives.

Partnership and Collaborative Working

We value partnership and collaboration across statutory, community and voluntary sectors and where appropriate the private sector.

Empowering and Innovating

We are committed to empowering our staff to look for solutions and be innovative in developing policy and practice.

Equality and Diversity

We recognise, understand and respond to peoples unique needs.

Professionalism of Staff

We will carry out our role professionally adhering to professional standards and do our jobs effectively.

Using Resources Effectively

We will use our limited resources effectively and decisions on budget reductions will be tested against the need to maintain our practice standards, to mitigate the impact on our service users and the risk to public safety.


Equality Scheme

Read more about our Equality Scheme.