Probation Matters Podcast

Welcome to the Probation Matters podcast. 

Probation Matters is a podcast produced by the Probation Board for Northern Ireland to examine the role Probation plays in changing lives for safer communities.

5. Probation Matters - How Probation uses Restorative Practice for a Victim Centred Service 

Probation's Communications Officer Ivor Whitten talks to Assistant Director Aideen McLaughlin about how Probation incorporates Restorative Practice into the work we do with Victims of Crime registered with our Victim Information Scheme and with Service Users. Aideen explains how this supports victims and keeps them at the centre of Probation's work to change lives for safer communities.

If you have been a victim of crime and wish to know more about how Probation can help you through the Justice process you can register online.

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4. Probation Matters - How Probation is Making a Difference to the Lives of Service Users 

In this podcast, Head of Communications Gail McGreevy talks to Director of Operations Gillian Montgomery as well as Maria, one of our Service Users supervised by our North West team. Gillian discusses how Probation has been involving Service Users over the past number of years in providing feedback on their experiences of being supervised by Probation. Maria tells us about her experience of being supervised by Probation to change her life around.

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3. Probation Matters - Probation works with Victims of Crime

In this podcast, Head of Communications Gail McGreevy talks to Victim Liaison Officer Siobhan McElnea as well as Beth, a victim of crime registered with Probation's Victim Information Unit. Siobhan sets out how Probation works with victims of crime to help them through their traumatic experience. Beth tells of her experience with being supported by Probation.

If you have been a victim of crime you can register with Probation on the website at

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2. Probation Matters - How Probation Works to Change Lives.

In this podcast, Head of Communications Gail McGreevy has a chat with two Probation staff members, Christine and Lauren, about their experiences as social work qualified Probation Officers in the Belfast area and how they have been changing lives for safer communities.

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1. Probation Matters - Enhanced Combination Orders and Community Service Orders: What are they?

This podcast has an interview with a Probation Service Officer who explains what an Enhanced Combination Order and a Community Service Order is, what they entail and how they help change lives for safer communities. There are also interviews with Service Users who have received these Court sentences.

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