Probation Board for Northern Ireland Caseload Statistics Quarter 4 2023-24

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This report provides statistics on Probation's caseload for the fourth quarter of the financial year, reflecting Probation's caseload at a point in time at the end of March 2024. There are also comparators to data in previous quarters. 

Data tables to accompany the report can also be downloaded from this page.

Statistics on the number of reports completed, the number of new orders made, and Probation's Victim Information Scheme registrations, are subject to change, particularly for the latest month. When revisions are necessary, the updates occur in each quarterly publication and considered final in the annual publication for the financial year. Percentages presented in this report are subject to rounding.

Although care is taken when processing and analysing data, it is however, subject to inaccuracies inherent in an administrative manual data recording system.

The collation and production of PBNI statistics is by seconded statisticians from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). Our statistical practice is regulated by the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR).

OSR sets the standards of trustworthiness, quality and value in the Code of Practice for Statistics that all producers of official statistics should adhere to. You are welcome to contact us directly with any comments about how we meet these standards. Alternatively, you can contact OSR by emailing or via the OSR website.

Contact and Further Information
Probation welcomes feedback on these statistics and encourage requests for additional information users may wish to have included in future publications. If you would like to forward your views / requests, contact PBNI Statistics & Research Branch e-mail: Stats&