Guide to Group Work Programmes and Individual Interventions 2024

Published date:

Probation delivers a range of group work Programmes and individual interventions with the purpose of encouraging and facilitating change in the service users we supervise. The Programmes are designed to address a variety of aspects regarding a service user’s attitudes and offending behaviour/s. These factors contribute to recidivism, therefore it is imperative that Probation work towards addressing these issues with the aim of encouraging desistence, reducing further offending and ultimately building safer communities.

Each Programme and Intervention has a specific criteria and pathway, both of which are contained in this booklet and should be considered at the point of assessment and referral to programme. There are a number of issues that must be considered prior to recommending and commencing a Programme/Intervention.

These include ensuring:

  • Service User’s suitability
  • Service User’s motivation
  • Programme sequencing & requirement on Order/Licence
  • Adequate time on PBNI supervision to facilitate Programme completion

This Guide provides all necessary information regarding all Programmes & Interventions offered by PBNI.