Feedback from Registered Victims


Feedback from victims of crime is very important to PBNI to help shape the services provided. Feedback has told us that timely and accurate information and communication are key to meeting their needs.

Below you will read feedback from victims of crime who have registered with the Victim Information Scheme.

We also have a Victim Stories’ booklet that contains more detailed feedback from victims who registered with our Victim Schemes.

If you have have been a victim of crime you can register with the Victim information Scheme. You can even register online.

Graphic of Feedback from victim: “ To be able to speak to someone about this incident was very helpful and helped me relax a little about what we were going through.”
Graphic of Feedback from victim: “ The Victim Liaison Officer who dealt with me was brilliant - a very good listener. They provided me with any information I needed (within reason) and sent any relevant help leaflets etc. out to me. Also offered to meet but I declined.”