The work of a Victim Liaison Officer

What is a Victim Liaison Officer?
Victim Liaison Officers are Probation Officer grade and like Probation Officers are required to hold a professional qualification in social work.  The role of a VLO is to empower victims of crime and contribute to community safety by providing relevant information about Probation Supervised sentences to victims of crime. PBNI Victim Information Scheme responds to victims’ rights to be kept informed about the Probation Supervised Sentence which the Court has imposed on the offender in their case.

As at January 2011 the PBNI Victims Unit is responsible for three main tasks-:
• The operation of the statutory PBNI Victim Information Scheme (VIS) (CJ Order 2005).
• The preparation of victim reports which are forwarded to the Parole Commissioners of Northern Ireland
• The facilitation of a range of indirect and direct restorative interventions.