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The Probation Board for Northern Ireland was one of seven organisations formally designated onto all (District) Policing and Community Safety Partnerships (DPCSPs and PCSPs) in February 2013.  Probation welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with other statutory organisations and the voluntary/ community sector to deliver safer communities.

Partnership working is a keystone of Probation practice. We recognise that safely managing offenders, reducing risk and addressing offending behaviour is more effective when done in partnership with others.

Membership of PCSPs allows Probation to work alongside community representatives, political representatives and independent members to develop solutions to tackle crime, the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Probation brings a unique set of knowledge, skills and expertise in working with offenders to issues of concern in dealing with offending.  We contribute to the action plans developed by the PCSPs and actively work alongside other members of the PCSP to achieve successful outcomes.

Membership of PCSPs has allowed Probation to raise awareness of the work we do in managing offenders, addressing the causes of crime in making communities safer and on achieving shared objectives.

Probation will have Area Manager representation on all of the PCSPs and DPCSPs in the new council arrangements.

We are committed to working in partnership with others to:

  • address issues of local concern
  • to contribute to enhancing community safety
  • to engage with the community to identify issues of concern
  • work collaboratively to achieve results

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