It is recognised that the circumstances of women’s offending tend to be different from the circumstances of men’s offending. The problems associated with female offending are often complex and involve poverty, homelessness, mental illness, abuse, domestic violence and addictions, as well as significant numbers of female service users also being victims themselves. PBNI’s regional INSPIRE team, therefore, develops and delivers an enhanced range of gender-specific services which contributes directly to reducing women’s offending through targeting community-based interventions.

The women who come into contact with Inspire staff are challenged to take responsibility for their actions and are assisted to get their lives back on track.  It is clear that the work of Inspire is making a real difference to families throughout Northern Ireland.

INSPIRE provides:-

  • Probation supervision for women who offend subject to community supervision and post release licences.
  • Pre-sentence assessment reports for courts.

INSPIRE provides a gender responsive model for women subject to Probation supervision. A range of interventions are provided by Probation staff and partner agencies including the Thinking Skills programme, a Home Office accredited cognitive behaviour programme for women who have more than three previous convictions,  alcohol and anger management programmes and drug counselling, which are delivered by both probation staff and a range of other support programme providers. Partner organisations include NIACRO, Start 360’s  Engage programme, Social Services, Women’s Aid, Inspire wellbeing Service and many other community resources.

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