Photo of Vivian Geiran, Irish Probation Service Director; Dr Geraldine O'Hare, PBNI Director of Rehabilitation; Cheryl Lamont PBNI Chief Executive; Supt Ryan Henderson, PSNI; and Paul Doran, NIPS Director of Rehabilitation at the Public Protection Advisory Group 2019 conference. The conference focused on Effective trauma informed public protection

Public Protection Advisory Group Holds Conference In Belfast

Members of the Probation Services, Prison Services, Police Services and Justice Departments in Ireland and Northern Ireland came together on 29 November in Belfast to reiterate their support for partnership working to assist public protection throughout the island of Ireland.

The event was hosted jointly by the Probation Board for Northern Ireland and the Irish Probation Service in the Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings with speakers from all the justice agencies to share practice on how to reduce reoffending by adopting a trauma informed approach.

Cheryl Lamont Chief Executive of PBNI commented: “Tackling offending in partnership has long been recognised as a key priority for justice agencies in NI and Ireland.  Those who offend, can exploit any potential opportunities that may arise due to differences in justice agencies and legislative systems. It is therefore imperative that we share practice, share information and have regular contact between all agencies.  This event enables us to do that and build on the strong working relationships that exist.

“The theme of the event is effective trauma informed practice – north and south.  It is critical that we learn from partners about how best to train staff and embed a trauma informed practice to prevent re-offending and keep communities safer. “

Vivian Geiran Director of the Irish Probation Service added: “While there has been some uncertainty arising from the UK Government’s decision to leave the EU, both probation services in NI and Ireland are absolutely certain of the need to continue to work in partnership.  Indeed, particularly at this time, cross border co-operation is all the more important.  We are committed to continuing our work to protect and support communities on both sides of the border.”

The latest edition, Volume 16, of the Irish Probation Journal was launched at the seminar.

Vivian Geiran, Irish Probation Board Director, and Cheryl Lamont, Probation Board Chief Executive, launch the jointly published Irish Probation Journal

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