New pilot programme aims to tackle root cause of domestic violence

A new pilot, focussed on changing the behaviours of those who are convicted of domestic violence related offences, has been launched today at Londonderry Magistrates’ Court. The pilot will allow the Judge to refer offenders – who have been convicted of a domestic violence or abuse offence – to an intensive and innovative new Domestic … Continue reading New pilot programme aims to tackle root cause of domestic violence

Sharing Social Innovation and Social Enterprise across the Border: Best practice in the Justice sectors on the island of Ireland

The North-South Social Innovation Network Steering Committee, of which the Probation Service and Probation Board for Northern Ireland are members, held a half-day workshop on 12th June dedicated to the sharing of skills and experiences in the areas of Social Enterprise and Social Innovation by the Justice agencies, including the Irish Prison Service and the Northern Ireland Prison Service. Read more about this event by following the link above to the Centre for Cross Border Studies website.

14,300 hours of Community Service benefits Armagh, Dungannon, Cookstown & Magherafelt

Figures compiled for 2016/17 by Probation show that offenders on Community Service in the Mid Ulster and Armagh area have completed 14,300 hours of unpaid work to benefit local communities. That is over £107,250 worth of work to help local communities in Armagh, Dungannon, Cookstown and Magherafelt.