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The Irish Probation Journal is a joint initiative of the Probation Service (formerly the Probation and Welfare Service) and Probation Board. Each article submitted will be considered by an Editorial Committee composed of Probation Service and Probation Board staff. The Editorial Committee is coordinated by two co-editors, representing the Probation Service and Probation Board.

The latest Irish Probation Journal, Volume 18 can be downloaded below. Individual articles are also available to download using the links provided. Previous volumes can also be downloaded below.

Irish Probation Journal – Volume 18, 2021

Title: IPJ Volume 18 2021 Full Journal
Article: Full Journal (PDF)

Contents and individual articles: 

Title: IPJ Journal Contents
Article: Contents (PDF)

Title: IPJ Journal Editorial
Article: Editorial (PDF)

Author: Charlie Brooker
Title: Probation and Mental Health: Do We Really Need Equivalence?  (PDF) 

Author: Brendan Fulton, Olwen Lyner, Shadd Maruna and Gillian McNaull
Title: Mapping 50 years of NIACRO – Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (PDF)

Author: Vivian Geiran
Title: Electronic Monitoring in Ireland: Disruptive Innovation, Affordance, or a Technology in Search of a Rationale? (PDF)

Author: Phil Bowen
Title: A Smarter Approach? Sentencing and Politics in England and Wales  (PDF)

Author: Siobhán Cafferty
Title: ‘We Cannot Do This Alone’ – A Co-designed, Multi-departmental Strategy to Increase the Employment Prospects of People with Criminal Records (PDF)

Author: Annie McAnallen and Emma McGinnis
Title: Trauma-Informed Practice and the Criminal Justice System: A Systematic Narrative Review (PDF)

Author: Claire McNamara
Title: A Practitioner’s Response to ‘Tackling Substance Misuse from a Problem-Solving Justice Approach’ (PDF) 

Author: Louise Rooney
Title: Substance Misuse and Supervision: An Examination of Drug and Alcohol Misuse Among Probation Service Clients (PDF)

Author: Sintija Stivrina and Diana Ziedina
Title: Probation in Latvia: ‘For a Safer Society’ (PDF)

Author: Hannadi Al Hassan
Title: Violent Female Offenders: An Exploration of Adversity, Trauma, and Offending Behaviour in a Sample of Females Supervised by the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PDF)

Author: Aisling Meyler
Title: Building Bridges to Successful Reintegration (PDF)

Author: Aideen McLaughlin
Title: Restorative Justice with Adults who Have Offended (PDF)

Author: Rob Pickles
Title: ‘Money Mules’: Exploited Victims or Collaborators in Organised Crime? (PDF)

Author: Mandrea Bourke
Title: J-ARC: An Interagency Initiative to Reduce Prolific Offending  (PDF)

Irish Probation Journal – Volume 17, 2020

Title: IPJ 2020 Full Journal
Article: Full Journal (PDF)

Contents and individual articles: 

Title: IPJ Journal Contents
Article: Contents (PDF)

Title: IPJ Journal Editorial
Article: Editorial (PDF)

Author: Denis C. Bracken
Title: Interactions with the Traveller Community by Prison and Probation Staff  (PDF) 

Author: Kieran McCartan and Hazel Kemshall
Title: The Potential Role of Recovery Capital in Stopping Sexual Offending: Lessons from Circles of Support and Accountability to Enrich Practice (PDF)

Author: Clare Cresswell
Title: ‘Why Would You Choose to Study Sex Offenders?: Assisted Desistance and Reintegration of Perpetrators of Sexual Harm (PDF)

Author: Anna Flynn and Marita Costigan
Title: The Management of People Serving Life Sentences in Ireland: A Multidisciplinary Model  (PDF)

Author: Joe Garrihy
Title: ‘There are Fourteen Grey Areas’: ‘Jailing’, Professionalism and Legitimacy in Prison Officers’ Occupational Cultures  (PDF)

Author: Sheena Norton
Title: COVID-19 Pandemic: Practitioner Reflections on Probation Practice  (PDF)

Author: Mark Nicholson and Stevie Mann
Title: Partnership Working Towards More Effective Resettlement  (PDF) 

Author: Dr Geraldine O’Hare and Peter Luney
Title: Tackling Substance Misuse from a Problem- Solving Justice Approach (PDF)

Author: Ian O’Donnell
Title: Reducing Reoffending: Choices and Challenges (PDF)

Author: Ioan Durnescu, Margaret Griffin and John Scott
Title: Developing an Irish Offender Supervision Framework: A Whole System Approach (PDF)

Author: Jean O’Neill and Gail McGreevy
Title: Reflections on a Pandemic: How COVID-19 Impacted upon Probation Practice in Northern Ireland (PDF)

Author: Christina Power
Title: Engaging with Mental Health Challenges in Probation Practice  (PDF)

Author: Aine Travers and Tracey McDonagh
Title: Promising Directions for Intimate Partner Violence Prevention: The Case of Northern Ireland (PDF)

Author: Marguerite Woods
Title: ‘Helping Others and Helping Myself’: Wounded Healers as Peer Workers  (PDF)

Title: IPJ Journal Book Reviews
Article: Book Reviews (PDF)

Irish Probation Journal - Volume 16, 2019

Full version
Irish Probation Journal – Volume 16, 2019 (PDF)

Contents and individual articles:

Contents (PDF)

Editorial (PDF)

Criminal Justice Culture(s) in Ireland: Quo Vadis? – CLAIRE HAMILTON (PDF)

‘More than Just a Number’: Meeting the Needs of Those with Mental Illness, Learning Difficulties and Speech and Language Difficulties in the Criminal Justice System – STAN HOUSTON AND MICHELLE BUTLER (PDF)

James P. Organ, the ‘Irish System’ and the Origins of Parole – GERRY McNALLY (PDF)

Restorative Justice as the New Default in Irish Criminal Justice – IAN D. MARDER (PDF)

Delivering Victim Services: An Overview of Practice in the Probation Board for Northern Ireland – GILLIAN MONTGOMERY (PDF)

A Practitioner’s Response to ‘Resilience in the Face of Trauma: Implications for Service Delivery’ – DEIRDRE GRANT (PDF)

Testing Artificial Intelligence in the United States Probation and Pretrial Services System- MATTHEW G. ROWLAND, NANCY BEATTY-GREGOIRE AND JOHN J. FITZGERALD (PDF)

Aspire – ‘Changing Lives to Make Communities Safer’ – JOAN RITCHIE AND GAIL McGREEVY (PDF)

‘Prison is the Worst Place a Traveller Could Be’: The Experiences of Irish Travellers in Prison in England and Wales – PAUL GAVIN (PDF)

Reducing Youth Crime: The Role of Mentoring – KIERAN O’DWYER (PDF)

Human Trafficking and Its Interface with the Irish Criminal Justice System: Shared Learning – ANN MARIE KEANE (PDF)

Safer Injecting Facilities: Will they Work in an Irish Context? – CAROLINE BATES (PDF)

Book Reviews (PDF)

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