PBNI Good Relations Week

Good Relations Week 2020

The Probation Board for Northern Ireland was delighted to be involved in supporting Good Relations Week 2020, which celebrated 30 years of peace building and cultural diversity in Northern Ireland. The theme this year was “Celebrating Our Journey, Embracing Our Future”. This dedicated week was the ideal opportunity for PBNI to showcase its work and innovative approaches to good relations. We were delighted to contribute to this event on Twitter.

One of the people we work with told us about their probation journey, explaining how being valued and respected by the local community has made all the difference “Probation has been an emotional journey for me. I have completed my 100 hours community service with a local sports club and I’ve decided to stay on as a volunteer. I was treated with respect and made to feel welcome. It made such a difference.”

“Probation helps people we work with think about their tomorrow” says Probation Officer Terry McLaughlin. “It’s the combination of PBNI’s interventions, supervision and community service that helps them begin their journey of taking responsibility for their behavious”

Probation Officer Moria Quail expressed how community service helps people with their rehabilitation and their journey to a new life. “Community Service provides the people we are working with a different perspective, a chance to be part of a team, build resilience and belief in themsleves. Getting another chance can be a significant moment in their journey , for them it can make a difference”.

Dr Geraldine O’Hare, Director of Rehabilitation said “working together we deliver hope for the future. We believe that everyone has the ability to change if they are given support, structure and encouragement. During Good Relations week we spoke to partners, colleagues and service users who told us that working together, we can deliver hope for the future.”