East Belfast, Downpatrick and Ards (EBDA)

297 Newtownards Road
Belfast BT4 1AG
Tel: (028) 9052 6655
email: admin.newtownardsroad@probation-ni.gov.uk
OPEN: 9am to 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

15 Castle Street
County Down
BT23 3PA Tel: (028) 9185 8282
email: admin.newtownards@probation-ni.gov.uk
OPEN: 9am to 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Downshire Civic Centre
Downshire Estate, Ardglass Road
Downpatrick BT30 6RA
Tel: (028) 44618281
OPEN: 9am to 5pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday one week; Tuesday, Wednesday the next, alternating