Other Statistical Reports

ACE Risk and Needs Profile
PBNI has utilised the ACE (Assessment, Case Management and Evaluation system) tool since late 2000. The tool is used, in conjunction with the professional judgement of qualified social work staff, to assess the likelihood of general re-offending within a two-year period as well as help plan supervision to target needs and assess progress during this time. During 2016/17, 3,046 people started an order with PBNI, 2,756 (90%) of whom had an ACE risk assessment recorded. This report provides details of the prevalence of the various Social, Personal and Offending factors assessed using ACE among these 2,756 people. The report includes prevalence rates by age, gender, team and whether the individual started a community/custodial sentence.

Statistical Brief – ACE Risk and Needs Profile 2017/18 (PDF)


Analysis of Breach Rates
Between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016 a total of 2,676 new Probation, Community Service and Combination Orders were made at court requiring PBNI supervision. This statistical brief looks at the proportion of these new orders that resulted in breach proceedings being initiated within one year of the order starting.  The report includes Breach Rate information by order type, gender and age.

Statistical Brief – Analysis of Breach Rates: 2015/16 (PDF)


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