Stakeholder Survey Reports

Sentencer Survey 2017-18
Recognising Sentencers as a key customer, PBNI wish to ensure Sentencers are content with the services provided. It is therefore essential to establish how services provided by the organisation are being received and which areas could be improved upon in order to maintain a high level of service.  This survey of Sentencers took place in January 2018.

Sentencer Survey Dec 2017-18 (PDF)

Public Perception Survey 2016
This summary report details findings from the Omnibus Survey in relation to the level of public awareness of PBNI, its services and the perception of its effectiveness.

Public Perception Survey 2016 (PDF)

Service User Survey 2015
This summary report details findings from a survey of Offenders under PBNI supervision undertaken in October 2015.  The survey was designed to obtain the views of Offenders subject to community supervision.

Service User Survey 2015 (PDF)

MLA Research Panel Report 2010
In the 2008 to 2011 Corporate Plan PBNI stated it would seek to broaden public understanding and confidence of PBNI’s role in protecting the community.  To that end, PBNI commissioned Stratagem to undertake a survey of MLAs in 2008 about the work of the Probation Board.  Following the devolution of Policing and Justice in April 2010 it was agreed to repeat the exercise and Stratagem again surveyed MLA’s between 18 October and 7 December 2010.  A total of forty one MLA’s completed the questionnaire.

PBNI – MLA Research Panel Report 2010 (PDF)
MLA Survey Data Tables 2010 (PDF)