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Below you can find links to research documents and Journals that help promote the work and understanding of Probation in general, and of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland in particular.

McGreevy, G. (2020) “Reflections on a Pandemic: How COVID-19 impacted upon probation practice in Northern Ireland“, Belfast: PBNI
Probation staff work to rehabilitate and resettle individuals by addressing their offending behaviour and facilitating a process of change.   Social work values are fundamental to that work. The article sets out how PBNI has continued to adhere to Social Work values while adapting practice to comply with COVID-19 Government guidelines and restrictions and keep people safe.

Keywords: COVID-19, Social Work, Probation, high-risk offenders, prisons, courts, community service, psychology, victims.

Irish Probation Journal
The Irish Probation Journal is a joint initiative of the Probation Service (formerly the Probation and Welfare Service) and Probation Board. Each article submitted will be considered by an Editorial Committee composed of Probation Service and Probation Board staff. The Editorial Committee is coordinated by two co-editors, representing the Probation Service and Probation Board.

The Butler Trust Knowledge Exchange
The Butler Trust has a resource aimed at supporting those who work within criminal justice through their Knowledge Exchange, an online library of guidance and examples of best practice. There are over 400 online resources available.