Senior Leadership

Amanda Stewart, Chief Executive
Amanda Stewart OBE
Chief Executive

Dr Geraldine O'Hare, Director of Rehabilitation
Dr Geraldine O'Hare
Director of Rehabilitation

Ms Gillian Montgomery
Director of Operations

Paul King, Head of Finance and Estates
Mr Paul King
Head of Finance

Catherine Sweeney, Head of HR and Organisational Management
Ms Catherine Sweeney
Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development

Gail McGreevy, Head of Communications, Probation Board for Northern Ireland
Gail McGreevy
Head of Communications and Compliance

Stephen Hamilton, Assistant Manager, Probation Board for Northern Ireland
Mr Stephen Hamilton 
Assistant Director for Prisons

Mrs Liz Arthur 
Assistant Director for Risk

Aideen McLaughlin starts with PBNI as an Assistant Director
Ms Aideen McLaughlin
Assistant Director for Urban

Mrs Jill Grant 
Assistant Director for Programmes and Interventions

Mr Niall McEvoy
Assistant Director for Rural

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