Making the Difference, history of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland

History of The Probation Board

Front cover of the book Making the Difference, history of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland

“Making The Difference” is a book that recounts the story of one hundred years of the Probation Service in Northern Ireland. First established in 1908 by the Act of the previous year, it has developed into a widely-recognised professional service under, since its foundation in 1982, the Probation Board of Northern Ireland. Most striking of all are the recollections of former Probation Officers whose collective memory reflects much of the soul of this service. You can also read an update to this history from former Chief executive, Cheryl Lamont.

Front cover of The Journal of Cross Border Studies in Ireland Volume 10 2015

Effective partnership: a History of North South cooperation in Probation work
An article by Paul Doran, when PBNI Head of Rehabilitation, that was published in the Journal of Cross Border Studies In Ireland Vol 10 2015. This article sets out the challenges and achievements of effective North-South cross-border partnership, especially since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

Front cover of the Irish Probation Journal Volume 7 September 2010

The Public Protection Advisory Group: A Model for Structured Co-operation
An article in 2010 by Michael Donnellan and Brian McCaughey, Directors of the Irish Probation Service and the Probation Board for Northern Ireland respectively, was published in the Irish Probation Journal Volume 7 2010. This paper sets the context, traces the history of formalised co-operation between the PS and the PBNI from 1998, and describes the structure, scope and activities of the PPAG as a model for bilateral co-ordination and co-operation.

Front cover of Irish Probation Journal Volume 14, October 2017 (PDF)

Making the Difference That Makes a Difference: Leading Probation on the Island of Ireland
This is an article by Cheryl Lamont CBE, Chief Executive of the Probation Board for Northern Ireland, and Vivian Geiran, Director of the Irish Probation Service, reviewing the wider functions of leadership, providing an overview of the two Probation organisations and explores some of the challenges and opportunities for the current leadership of probation, North and South. The article was was published in the Irish Probation Journal Volume 14 2017.

Handbook of Probation

Probation, the state and community – delivering probation services in Northern Ireland
David O’Mahony and Tim Chapman wrote an article for The Handbook of Probation (edited by Loraine Gelsthorpe and Rod Morgan: ISBN:9781134014910, 1134014910) which was originally published in 2007 and republished 2013.  The article looks at how probation services have evolved and developed in Northern Ireland up to that point. It is a history of a service structurally independent from, yet influenced by, policy and practice developments in probation services in England and Wales. It is also about probation officers and managers struggling to perform a professional role in a society in which criminal justice has provoked highly contentious political issues often resulting in violence.