Guiding Principles & Values

Our organisational values are key to our way of working and outline how members of the public, service users and staff can expect to be treated when engaging with PBNI. Our values are supported by guiding principles. Our values act as the foundation for our principles. Board members and staff also adhere to the ‘Nolan principles of public life’ which are the basis of the ethical standards Board members and those employed in probation are expected to adhere to.

Respect for Human Dignity
The innate right of all people to be valued and to be treated ethically.

Recognising People’s Capacity to Change
All people given the right circumstances have the ability to change and grow.

Victim Awareness
Working with offenders to raise awareness of the impact of crime on victims.

Integrity & Professionalism
Conducting business with transparency, honesty and impartiality in line with professional codes, placing the obligations of public service above personal interests.

Equality and Diversity
Recognising, understanding and responding to people’s unique needs.

Collaborative Working
Valuing the help and contribution of our statutory, community and voluntary partners in making communities safer.