Victim Information Scheme

Everything PBNI does is about preventing victims of crime.  We work directly and indirectly with victims of crime.   In supervising offenders we challenge them to look at the impact their crime has had.  Pre-sentence reports and reports for the Parole Commissioners contain information on victim impact. Many of our programmes challenge offender behaviour including often for the first time, confronting the impact the crime has had on the victim. Through schemes like community service victims can have a say in what type of work an offender completes as part of their court order. PBNI is continuing to develop its restorative practices with adult offenders.

What is the Victim Information Scheme?
PBNI’s Victim Information Scheme became operational in October 2005. It is a statutory scheme as provided by the Criminal Justice (N.I.) Order 2005. The scheme seeks to ensure that victims receive information about what it means when someone is sentenced to an Order which requires supervision by the Probation Board. The Probation Board acknowledges that it may be upsetting for you to think about the crime again, but we hope that the information available to you through this scheme will be helpful.

What is a Victim Liaison Officer?
This information can be found in ‘The work of a Victim Liaison Officer’ section.

What is the purpose of the Scheme?
This scheme will provide you with an opportunity to have explained to you the meaning of the requirements of the court sentence imposed on the person who committed an offence against you. This scheme works closely with other Criminal Justice and victim organisations to provide a wide range of information and services to victims of crime at various stages of the criminal justice process. It also complements the Northern Ireland Prisoner Release Victim Information Scheme.

Watch a video about PBNI working with Victims

Who can use the Scheme?
The PBNI Victim Information Scheme is available to any person (or agreed representative) who has been the direct victim of a criminal offence for which the offender received a Probation Supervised Sentence.

Download the Victim Information Scheme leaflet (PDF)
If you are downloading this leaflet and filling in the form you can either post it to the Victims Unit (address provided in the leaflet) or contact the office on T: 0300 123 3269 for a prepaid envelope which will be sent out to you.

Co-Location of Victim Information Unit

In October 2012 the Prisoner Release Victim Information Scheme, the Probation Board for Northern Ireland Victim Information Scheme and the Mentally Disordered Victim Information Scheme (operated by the DOJ) became co-located as a first step towards amalgamation. This followed a recommendation by the Criminal Justice Inspectorate Northern Ireland in 2011. PBNI manages the unit which combines the skills and experience of staff from all three organisations.

The co-location of schemes began in October 2012 when a member of the Northern Ireland Prison Service transferred to the Probation Board. Staff have worked hard together to develop a single site, joined up Victim Information Unit as a first step towards amalgamating the three schemes.

Memorandum of Understanding – Co-Located Post-Sentence Victim Information Schemes (PDF) 
Victim Information Schemes – Information sheet (PDF)

Contact us:
Victim Information Unit
Unit 4, Wallace Studios
27 Wallace Avenue
BT27 4AE
Tel: 0300 123 3269

Victim Charter
The Victim Charter is a Charter for victims of crime. It explains your entitlements and the standard of service you can expect from PBNI and other Criminal Justice organisations. The Charter and other supporting documents can be downloaded via the links below.

Victim Charter (PDF)
Victim Charter – Summary (PDF)
Victim Charter Summary – Translated versions
Victim Charter Summary – Easy Read version (PDF)
Victim Charter – A Guide for young people by young people (PDF)

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