Senior Management

Ms Cheryl Lamont – Chief Executive
CL - Chief Executive (2) 11.11.16

Cheryl is the Chief Executive and Accounting Officer for PBNI. She is responsible for the leadership, strategic direction and management of PBNI; the organisation’s operational and financial performance and the quality of its external relationships. Cheryl is the Probation Board’s principal adviser on policy and practice on the management of offenders and the main representative of PBNI in all its external dealings. She is responsible to the Probation Board and to the sponsoring Department (Department of Justice) for all aspects of PBNI’s activities including expenditure.

Mr Paul Doran – Deputy Director of Probation
Paul Doran

Paul leads on the areas of Courts, Assessment, Young Offenders, Community Supervision, Mentoring and North-South Co-operation. He has line management responsibility for the Assistant Directors for Rural and Urban areas, the Head of Psychology and Interventions and the Head of IT . He is the organisation’s  Senior Information Risk Owner. He leads the Strategic Review Group for the organisation which provides oversight and direction to all strategic documents involving PBNI. Paul’s developmental responsibilities include effective practice, Reducing Offending in Partnership (ROP), and community safety.

Mr Hugh Hamill – (Acting) Deputy Director of Probation
Hugh Hamill

Hugh has line management responsibility for the Head of Communications and the Assistant Directors for Risk and Prisons respectively.  He also has lead senior management responsibility for Statistics and Research, PBNI Estate Strategy and Risk Management within PBNI.  Externally Hugh chairs the Strategic Management Board for the Public Protection Arrangements Northern Ireland (PPANI).

Ms Roisin Muldoon – Assistant Director – Prisons
Roisin Muldoon

Roisin is the Assistant Director with responsibility for Prisons.

Ms Eithne McIlroy – Assistant Director – Urban
Eithne McIlroy

Eithne is the Assistant Director with responsibility for the Urban region.

Ms Liz Arthur – (Acting) Assistant Director – Risk 

Liz Arthur11.05.16

Liz is the Assistant Director with responsibility for risk.

Mr Stephen Hamilton – (Acting) Assistant Director – Rural
Stephen Hamilton

Stephen is the Assistant Director with responsibility for the Rural region.

Dr Geraldine O’Hare – Head of Psychology Services and Interventions
Geraldine O'Hare

Geraldine O’Hare is the Head of Psychology Services and Interventions

Ms Catherine Teggart – Head of Finance
Catherine McCann

Catherine Teggart is the Head of Finance.

Mr Brian McCutcheon – Head of Information Technology
Brian McCutcheon

Brian is the Head of Information Technology

Ms Gail McGreevy – Head of Communications
Gail McGreevy

Gail is the Head of Communications.

Mrs Gillian Robinson – Head of Human Resources
Gillian Robinson

Gillian is the Head of Human Resources.

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